Venus Stops Aeneas From Killing Helen
Creüsa's Shade Visits Aeneas At The Fall Of Troy
Dido & Aeneas
Miserrima Dido
Iris Incites The Trojan Women
Aeneas Vists Dido, Anchises and Deiphobus In The Realm Of Dis
Alecto Incites Turnus To War
Queen Amata Leads Bacchanalia
Nissus Avenges Euryalus Against Volcens
Turnus' Ominus Slaying Of Pallas
Opis Avenges Camilla, By Request Of Diana, Against Arruns
Venus Aids In The Healing Of Aeneas
Suicide Of Queen Amata
Aeneas Avenges Pallas, And Ends The War With The Rutuli
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